Conversion Kit

Starting at $399.00

Sport to Cruiser Conversion Kit

This kit allows you to do exactly that, switch any CP Trailer from the sport hitch to a cruiser setup.

The sport hitch is the one mounted to the rear axle of the motorcycle. A cruiser setup is the one with the rear frame mounted ball type hitch. Because the trailer frame is different than the sport to the cruiser, this kit will allow you to switch between the two with ease.

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All trailers have a full 12-month unlimited miles warranty for all materials and workmanship that we provide. We completely stand behind our product, and we’ll do our very best to assist you and get you looked after, even after your warranty runs out. We work hard to offer a fantastic product and offer hitches for bikes that we believe to be compatible with the Third Wheel Trailer. We do not, however, guarantee the fitness for use with any bike nor do we guarantee that every bike is compatible with our trailer and its handling.


A trailer can easily be shipped and delivered to your door, place of business, or the transport terminal nearest you.

Note that the most cost-effective means to ship is to a trucking terminal that contacts you to arrange for pickup once it arrives. Keep in mind that residential shipments have a higher shipping premium due to access restrictions and sometimes the shipment mush be placed on a smaller truck in order to get into the residential place of delivery. These are always more costly.

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