Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked!

The CP550 weighs approximately 80 lbs. and the CP650 approximately 90 lbs.

The 550 and 650 are essentially the same shell, but the lower half is four inches deeper on the CP650

No, we do not.

The Pack 'n Ride Kit is a set of bags that fits perfectly in the trailer. The kit includes a large bag in the main part of the shell and two small bags that rest on each side of the fender well that are joined together with a strap.

These trailers are 62” from the ball center of the hitch if you will, to the very back of the body and license plate bracket

The tire is a 59L rated tire, which means it's good for 75 mph at a load rating of 536 lbs.


It's an LED lighting kit, very bright in red with a chrome bezel around each light.

The base model includes LED taillights and clearance lights, but the signals are incandescent. The HD kit is all LED.

The Sport Hitch will fit most sport bikes and is mounted to the rear axle of the motorcycle. The Sport Hitch has a hollow rear axle, exhaust up and out of the way (preferably), and a double sided swingarm.

The shell measures 41” long inside, 21” wide, and 22” tall between the two halves. On the CP650, it's approximately 26” tall.

The bearing is a sealed and doesn't require lube or that type of maintenance, but it's always a good idea to check it and the wheel/tire prior to each trip

The CP550 has a volume of 5.5 cubic feet, or 155 liters The CP650 has a volume 6.5 cubic feet, or 184 liters

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