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Third Wheel Trailers is proud to produce one of the most innovative, smooth handling, stylish, aerodynamic, and user-friendly trailers ever.
A fresh idea brings fresh innovations and such is the reason this light weight trailer construction has come about. Super workmanship, well designed, attention to detail, and Canadian built are all part of what produces great looks and amazing handling. This is truly a one-of-a-kind trailer.

At Third Wheel Trailers Inc, we dedicate ourselves to supplying a top-quality product to an ever-growing motorcycling community. We stand behind what we do and will do everything in our power to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We pride ourselves in not only being manufacturers but also riders ourselves. We personally have taken the time to test this trailer through the long miles along a number of great routes throughout Canada, US, and Mexico.





When play becomes the long haul, we are right behind you!


The CP550 is our most compact and yet best handling trailer out there, period. Make it yours today with options and feature that will make this your very own.

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The bigger brother to the CP550 is the CP650. Same lightweight but rigged frame, not only with the agility to ride like you do but with the ability to carry more than just one pair of undies.

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Third Wheel Plus

Sometimes a single wheeled platform trailer isn't quite big enough, hence this trailer came about. Very customizable in terms of size, door, wheel, axle and so on, but great for the one off type trailer

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Dog Carrier

When our best friend "the pooch" wants to tag along, a Pet Carrier can be ideal For the most part these are custom, but we offer solutions in this

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Pack ‘n Ride Bag kit

These bags provide an easy solution to carry all your goodies. Custom fitted and custom made for the CP series of trailers.


2020 Compilation

2020 was a year to remember for every single one of us. It was a year we wish we could forget and start at a clean slate. Still we love to ride, and although not all of these take were done in 2020, this was put together though from a few years, but just to show you a bit our ride and some of customers. Enjoy that ride :)

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