Matching Road Glide GSXR front shot Hayabusa closeup

The Ride, that does it all !

This Trailer is the one, by which all single wheeled sport Trailers are measured. Our aim is build the most innovative product ever, and give you the freedom to carry all your essential goods with you during any adventure. This truly is “the Ride that does it all”
Smooth and stylish, aerodynamic and rigid, this Trailer was built with care and designed to live up to the demand and more that we expect from our Motorcycles these days. Bar none the most high performance Trailer our there, this unit will exceed the comfort in hauling your goods, while hugging with ease the nicest corners on your journeys and hold the ability to keep up to the most daring and demanding riders.


Mission Statement

At Third Wheel Trailers Inc, we dedicate ourselves to supplying a top-quality product to an ever growing motorcycling community. We stand behind what we do, and as we evolve every day, we will do everything in our power to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We pride ourselves in not only being manufacturers, but also riders and motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves.

We personally take the time to interact with our customers and often times with their input and needs, design and build this trailer for the best results in every way, reliability through the long miles along a number of great routes throughout Canada, US and Mexico, and overseas.

In the News !

Riding season is still in full swing !!!

Spring has come and gone, and almost so has Summer. Let’s not be frightened though, as there is lots of time to enjoy an amazing riding year.
Please don’t forget, here at Third Wheel Trailers we want to encourage everyone to ride defensively and with caution. It is easy to get lost in the excitement of it and wanting to get some more riding time in, and forget about the extra care that needs to be taken. So be cautious and alert, and happy riding.

Remember, even if you the rider has the right of way, the automobile has the right of weight!

Enjoy the ride, but… ride defensively!